Straighten your Teeth with aligners, No more wires and metals, at the cost of traditional treatment 25K to  55K with Easy EMI  (No Hidden or Extra Cost)

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Dental care is an essential part of maintaining overall good health both in children and in adults. We believe that everybody should be able to receive the best possible dental care and treatments.

With a large array of skill and experience on hand, no matter if your looking for cosmetic, restorative or implant dentistry, or if you are simply here for a routine check-ups. We can address your needs in a way that will exceed your expectations. Dentists and consultants are trained and keep upto-date with medical advance and procedure to ensure that you receive the most appropriate dental care.



  • Invisible
  • Removable
  • No effect on Oral hygiene
  • No Change in eating habits and lifestyle
  • Very comfortable & Convenient
  • Minimum appointments
  • Very few visits required
  • Results can be visualized before the treatment starts


  • Visible
  • Not Removable
  • Difficulty in Maintaining Hygiene
  • Difficulty in eating Food
  • Source of irritation & Discomfort
  • Lengthy Appointments
  • More frequent visit required
  • Results can not be visualized



Minimum Appointments

Oral Hygiene


It’s a clear plastic transparent film trays that are elasticated and medical grade bio compatible material.

Cost:  Depending upon initial findings Anywhere between 7 to 50 aligners generally required for the treatment to reach final position as specified by the orthodontist. Cost between 25k-55k depending upon number of aligners required.


How its designed

dental plus online

Its series of aligners needs to be changed every 2 weeks and designed to be worn 22 hours a day. Majority of patient experiences slight pressure on the teeth where new aligners are placed. This demonstrates that the aligner are effective to move the teeth into desired position almost invisible fashion.

Who says Root Canal Treatment is painful procedure?

Treated 10000+ R.C.T till date in my incredible 15 years of experience using sophisticated world class Root canal instrument J. morita (TR-Zx) Japan.



Adental crown is a tooth-shaped Cap that is placed over a compromise tooth to restore its function and prolong its lifespan.


A dental bridge is a combination of two or more crowns used to replace one or more missing teeth. 


Dental implants

Dental implants are ideal options to replace mixing teeth it stabilities the status of the support bones maintaining the bone volume. The biggest advantage is that the adjacent teeth are not cut down in any way.

Extraction of wisdom teeth :

Teeth which may be impacted or unable to erupt fully due to lack of space there teeth may require surgical extratiaser to avoid potential problems such as carries and gum infection.

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Dentist & Consultants

  • Dr. Sunil Kumar (Dental surgeon)
  • Dr. Rohit (Oral Surgeon and implantologist) MDS (OMFS),MFDS RCPS (GLANGOW) FIBCSOMS (USA)
  • Dr. Arvind Srinivas MDS (Orthodontist)
  • Dr. Prasana Bhat MDS (Pedodontist)